The National Statistical Institute


The National Statistical Institute (NSI) was created in 1969, it’s a non-administrative public institution, and represents the central organ in the National Statistical System.

The main tasks of the NSI are to ensure, in coordination with other public statistical structures, the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistical information, through various statistical operations: census and demographic, social and economic surveys. The NSI is also in charge of National Accounts and short-term indicators.

As part of its prerogatives, the NSI is responsible for the technical coordination of public statistical activities, specially through the harmonization of concepts, classifications and statistical methods with those established at the international level. It also organizes national statistical documentation by collecting data produced by different structures of the national statistical system and organizes international cooperation in the statistical field.

This year, the INS is celebrating its 50th anniversary and will want to seize this event in order to improve its visibility through targeted communication actions aimed at different audiences, beyond the usual users and new products and services to consolidate the notoriety and reputation of NSI.