For a better SRH & GBV support of women and young people with disabilities


The partnership project between the International NGO Humanity & Inclusion (known as Handicap International) and UNFPA Tunisia is part of the advocacy for the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights of people with disabilities - women and youth - in Tunisia. These rights include the right to well-being with respect to sexuality and reproduction, the right of access to services adapted to their needs, the right to protection from all forms of gender-based violence, the right to dignity and physical integrity, as well as the right to information, training and education including comprehensive sexuality education.

To ensure these rights, it is necessary to have evidence on the situation of people with disabilities and more specifically women and young people and barriers for their access to these rights.
It is in this context that Humanity & Inclusion and UNFPA have carried out a study, since June 2019 and during 4 months, on sexual violence and the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people and women with disabilities, which would fill the existing gap in data relating to sexual and reproductive health situation of this population.
These categories experiencing a dual form of discrimination related to age, gender and disability are integrated into larger labels that do not allow the formulation of a response adapted to their specific prevention, protection and care needs.
The results of the study, which will be released at the end of the year, will support advocacy to increase the resources allocated by the State to people with disabilities, accelerate the transition to a more inclusive system and to guarantee the enforcement of their rights.