Tunisian Institute of Rehabilitation
from Torture, NEBRAS

Logo Nebras

NEBRAS Institute operates since 2015 to deliver psychological, medical and physical care services for victims of abuse and torture survivors.

The institute is providing care to victims of psychological trauma and orientation to other partner organizations as well as a training space for health professionals.

The institute also plays an academic role in term of research, promotion and field research with universities. Observations and researches aim at developing a clinical model tailored to Tunisian and Regional specificities.

NEBRAS is mainly working with survivors of torture and bad treatment and their affected family. The institute is also dealing with human trafficking victims and migrants who are victims of abuse.

NEBRAS advocates for the right to rehabilitation, which is aligned with the current process of transitional justice. NEBRAS institute is a partner of the Joint Program of essential services for women and girls’ victims of violence of UNFPA. Thanks to this partnership, UNFPA supports NEBRAS in trainings of health professionals in term of care of women and girls’ victims of violence: these trainings include psychological care and care of victims of sexual violence.

In addition, UNFPA supported NEBRAS to integrate a multi-sectoral approach in the victimology curricula of the medical university of Tunis and will advocate for integration of the concept of violence against women and girls in medical schools to sensitize future doctors to the detection and care of victims of violence.