Dr Rym Fayala Assistant Representative

2019, another year full of opportunities and challenges for UNFPA working to ensure that sexual and reproductive rights for all are secured. A particularly important year, as we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ICPD and the 50th anniversary of UNFPA’s creation.

It’s in this context, that the office will work for "the pursuit of the achievement of rights and choices for all" as stated in the UNFPA report on the State of the World Population 2019; and will initiate new areas for reflection in order to carry out a situation analysis that will enable it to develop its new country program 2021-2025.

During these first four months, the UNFPA office consolidated its achievements and established new strategic partnerships. This is how we started supporting the development of the operational plans of the strategies of maternal and New born, and Adolescents and Youth Health. The office has pursuing its ambitious and innovative project in Tunisia, started since 2017, for the integration of Comprehensive Education for Sexuality in schools and has taken up the challenge of engaging the Ministry of Education in this process.

Gender-based violence has also been a key pillar on which the office has continued its involvement, in particular by strengthening the capacities of health professionals in dealing with violence and by continuing to support the six Centers in charge of women victims of Violence. And to advocate for their sustainability through the publication of a Memorandum and a Charter standardizing the vision and values of civil society in the management of WVV.

UNFPA also participated in the Tunis Forum of Gender Equality to advocate for reproductive rights and strengthen efforts to prevent violence against girls and women.

Particular attention has been given to the regional context of humanitarian crises, by redoubling efforts to advocate for the integration of Reproductive Health and gender-based violence related services into the emergency preparedness plan in Tunisia.

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